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Database - Copy Master Lists to Shell

A feature oft-requested that, as of version, RootsMagic still does not offer while other software does is the ability to create a new database with custom elements from an existing database. This script works around that shortcoming by copying what might be called "Master Lists" from a developed database to a shell database newly created by RootsMagic. It supersedes an earlier script developed for RootsMagic 4 and 5 Depopulate but keep Customs, Places, Sources, published in Dec 2011.

This new script is also a complementary process to the old one. The new one starts with a new database and copies records from the developed database. The old script took a copy of a developed database and deleted people et al from it.

The script copies from a developed RootsMagic database to a new empty database of the same version:

SQLite Expert Personal with unifuzz.dll extension loaded OR equivalent SQLite manager that supports runtime variables and fake RMNOCASE collation. See RMNOCASE - faking in in SQLite Expert, ...
  1. Create a new empty database using RootsMagic; note the full path; close the database. rev 2014-10-14
  2. Open the developed database in the SQLite manager (it will be known as "main" in the script);
  3. Right-click on the name of the database in the sidebar and select Load extension; load unifuzz.dll;
  4. Load and execute the SQL script in a SQL tab;
  5. Enter the full path to and name of the shell database at the prompt;
  6. On finishing the script, open the shell database with RootsMagic; run Database Tools > Rebuild Indexes. rev 2014-10-14
  7. Close and reopen the database with RM to reset the start person and last person config settings. rev 2014-10-14