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TMG to RootsMagic Migration #tmg

This page provides an overview of the utilities available on this wiki that may help you with your migration of a TMG Project to a RootsMagic database. An example of what TMG Refugee Mike James did is described at http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/TMG-REFUGEES/2015-03/1427713890. It is important to note that there may be considerable cleanup and data manipulation to be done in TMG first in order to have as complete a data transfer as possible because RootsMagic does not replicate all the features of TMG.

These pages have been tagged "TMG" because they apply to artefacts in databases imported from TMG:
  1. Events - Move Short Note to Description
  2. Notes Invisible Revealed
  3. RMpi GEDCOM Pre-Import Tweaker for RootsMagic
  4. Sources - Unreverse Author Names
  5. TMG to RootsMagic Migration
  6. TMG-RM Check for False Spousal Event Sentences
  7. TMG-RM Convert TMG_ID to Record Number
  8. TMG-RM Convert TMG_ID to Reference Number
  9. TMG-RM Fact Sentence Tweaks
  10. TMG-RootsMagic Sentence Variables & Format Codes

Of course, once your TMG data is in a RootsMagic database, you are able to apply any of the 200-some SQLite queries available here and to develop your own.